r4grads - Data Analysis in R

Part of MOLB5700 (Beyond the Bench: Fundamental Skills for Biomedical Researchers)


Sean Harrington

Owen Funk

Class Information

The class will meet in Classroom Building 103 from 10-11:50 am on following dates:


Students will need to bring their own laptops to each session. If you do not have a suitable laptop that you can use, please contact us before class to borrow a laptop.

Download and install the latest versions of R and RStudio if using your own laptop. If you already have R and RStudio installed, but you installed them a while ago, you should update both.

Week 1

This session will introduce the basics of R and RStudio.

If you already have experience in R and are comfortable with creating and manipulating objects, applying functions, and using RStudio, you may skip this session. If you are not familiar with R, it is essential that you attend this session! We will assume basic proficiency with R in all subsequent classes, without time to catch people up.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Website link: https://wyoibc.github.io/r4grads/

Github repo: https://github.com/wyoibc/r4grads