Essential R Skills

Numerous beginners guides/tutorials for learning R are available online. Therefore we are refraining from suggesting any particular sources here. Still, if you can’t find anything, please feel free to contact instructors sooner than later. Since we will have very limited time during the modules to cover the materials we have planned, we won’t be able to offer any catch up lessons for those who are not familiar with the following basics. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have these skills before you attend the first session scheduled for February 9, 2022.

  1. Get a free GitHub account. Once you login to your account, navigate to this repository and click on Watch button in the top right corner. This will help you keep track of changes being made upstream. We will update the repository periodically.

  2. Install Git, the version control system on your computer

  3. Download and install the latest versions of R and RStudio

  4. Make sure your git installation works.

  5. Request access to the class Slack account. When the class is in session, we will provide live help on this Slack channel. Outside of class, you can chat with your fellow classmates and instructors using this venue. We have found this to be an immensely useful resource.

  6. Develop the following R skills